Samar Music Center for Peace

At the Samar Music Center for Peace we believe that peace can happen not only through plans and programs, discussions and negotiations – but simply through music. Music is a form of communication that transcends spoken language and beliefs and crosses the borders of religion and nationality.
The Samar Music Center for Peace brings together musicians from different cultures, countries, and religions to collaborate in recording, performing, and facilitating retreats and workshops.
In this way we help to create a culture of musical cooperation in the Middle East. A community of musicians and music lovers, who share the common language of music, can bring this language of peace to their communities changing hearts and minds. The Samar Music Center hopes to strike a note of peace, playing a chord that will resonate throughout the region and beyond.

Ongoing Activities

  • Tu B'Av ("Holiday of Love") Concert – Performers included the Voices of Peace youth choir, comprised of Muslim, Jewish and Christian youth, and musicians from the Azazme Bedouin tribe.
  • Diwan al Salaam Festival – Musical gathering featuring prominent musicians and ensembles from Israel and its neighbors.
  • "Sigd" – A music festival honoring the holiday celebrated annually by the Ethiopian Jewish community.
  • Sundown Music Festival – hosted by the Samar Music Center for Peace and highlighting contemporary, young and innovative Israeli bands.
  • "Bryanfest" - A yearly music weekend in memory of Bryan Medwed, musician and member of Kibbutz Samar, featuring blues, American folk and protest music.

Future Activities

  • Conference of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean musicians as a step toward a trans-boundary regional peace concert.
  • Ecological Building Workshops – To begin creating structures on the permanent site of the eco-music village.

Our mission

  • To bring together musicians from different cultures, countries, and religions to collaborate in recording, performing, and facilitating retreats and workshops, and festivals.
  • To prepare young musicians to take the lead in opening avenues for peaceful discourse through creativity and mutual respect.
  • To increase the capacity for conciliation and cooperation in the Middle East in order to transcend political boundaries and to achieve change.
  • Create an eco-music village, using sustainable building methods, to foster communal growth among the residents.
  • Develop a program for music study taught by music professionals from the region and abroad.


Harel Malkin
Kibbutz Samar • 88815 D.N Hevel Eilot • Israel

Mobile: +972-52-239-7521


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Artistic director

Renowned musician and world performer ⇒ Yair Dalal


Yair Dalal is a composer, violinist, oud player, singer and teacher, of Iraqi-Jewish descent. He has recorded 12 albums, covering a wide and varied cultural territory authentically representing Israeli, Jewish, and Middle Eastern cultures, Iraqi musical tradition and the music of the Bedouins of the Sinai desert.
Dalal has performed in major venues such as New York's Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, in Womad festivals as well as in humble authentic nomadic desert tents.
He has collaborated with top musicians including; Maestro Zubin Mehta, L. Shankar, Hot Tuna, Richie Havens, and Omar Faruk Tekbilek.
Dalal is a peace activist, devoting much of his time and energy to building a bridge of understanding and creativity between different cultures.